Storage tanks for liquids

Limited and general inspections

Legal inspection in order to check the condition and installation of your underground or aboveground storage tank, such as overfill protection, leak detection, oil and gasoline separator, retention tank,…


Inspection tested relative to legal requirements in order to commission your underground or aboveground storage tank with complete peace of mind. Cotebo assists you in the various stages of construction:

  • Tank construction and inspection ;
  • Control and certification of the safety distances during installation ;
  • Tank and pipe tightness control;
  • Control of overfill protection, leak detection, cathodic protection, vapour recovery, liquid tightness, retention tank,…

Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection is a method of corrosion protection for your tanks and pipes. A (periodic) examination of your installation as a whole (tanks, pipes, insulating flanges,…) is of primary importance to protect your installation against corrosion and possible leaks.

Corrosivity of the soil

In determining the corrosivity of the soil, we use a number of measurements and determinations to decide whether or not your installation needs to be cathodically protected.

Tank decommissioning

When a storage tank is no longer in use, it must be removed. If it is not possible to remove it, you must be in possession of an expert’s certificate that the storage tank may remain in place.

Certification of product changes

If you wish to store another product in the tank, it must be certified by an environmental expert. Some terminals have a whole range of products that they wish to store in the same series of storage tanks. We will help you to determine a guideline for this.

Inspections of prototype tanks, overfill protection, underground pipes

In the Flemish Region, new installations such as tanks or overfill protection devices need to be provided with a prototype inspection or piece inspection attested by an environmental expert with a-packages. We are authorized to carry out this follow-up and attestation for you.