Petrol stations

Limited and general inspections

Legal inspection in order to check the installation of your petrol station, such as overfill protection, leak detection, vapour recovery at the collectors, oil and petrol separator,…



Inspection tested relative to the legal requirements in order to commission your petrol station with peace of mind. Cotebo assists you in the different steps of construction:

  • Dielectric inspection of the coating of tanks before installation (spark test);
  • Verification and certification of the safety distances for tanks;
  • Tightness checks on tanks and pipes;
  • Control of overfill protection, leak detection, cathodic protection, vapour recovery, liquid tightness of filling zones, etc.

Measuring cathodic protection

Cathodic protection is a method of corrosion protection for your tanks and pipes. A (periodic) examination of your installation as a whole (tanks, pipes, insulating flanges,…) is of primary importance to protect your installation against corrosion and possible leaks.

Corrosivity of the soil

When determining the corrosivity of the soil, we use a number of measurements and analyses to determine whether or not your installation should be cathodically protected.

Tank decommissioning

When a storage tank is no longer in use, it needs to be removed. If it’s not possible to remove it, you must have an expert’s certificate at your disposal which indicates that the storage tank may remain in place


Zoning files (guidance and approval)

There are flammable products at a petrol station that can cause an explosion (petrol, LPG, CNG, LNG,…). You are legally obliged to indicate these areas on an approved zoning plan. Cotebo assists you in the preparation, elaboration and approval of your zoning file.

Vapour recovery control at the fuel pump (Stage 2)

Petrol vapours must be recovered at all times in order to minimize emissions towards the environment. We certify and carry out inspections that measure the amount of vapours recovered (Walloon Region).

Natural gas pistol pump for refuel gas in car in gas station. Alternative energy concept.

CNG (natural gas), LNG, Hydrogen installations

Commissioning and periodic inspection of storage tanks/filling stations for natural gas in Flanders (CNG or LNG) or hydrogen. This survey includes the condition of the installation, monitoring of the
safety distances, leak tightness, safety devices, distribution columns,…

Natural gas installations (home compressors)

Commissioning and periodic inspection of natural gas installations with a capacity of up to 20Nm³/hour (home compressors) in Flanders. This survey includes the condition of the installation, control of the safety distances, leak tightness, safety devices,…